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Latch Key Robots.

.) Job assignment not found.
.) Housing not found.
.) RoboHumanRelationship = 0.12;
.) Set Gang affiliation to True


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Digital Character Doodles





Not sure yet if I’ll follow any of these sketches through.
It’s been fun though to sketch out some Character poses / designs just using a diamond shaped brush.


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Helmet Concept

Some futuristic helmet concept based on a couple of pencil&marker sketches.


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Futurecop 1997

This post needs to be viewed listening to THIS !


In the year 1997, as a response to increasing crime and chaos,
the metropolitan police replaced all human personnel with android law enforcers,
equipped with superior strength, surveillance capabilities and unbreakable will.
The police force calls them Cybernetic Response Units or C.R.U.s.
On the Streets they are called…

copperheads vhs

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The Angry Martian

“A well regulated Martian Militia, being necessary to the security of a free Mars, the right of the Martian people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”


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