Helmet Concept

Some futuristic helmet concept based on a couple of pencil&marker sketches.


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A quick 60 minute digital piece that I did listening to John Carpenters music.
It HAD to end up being some diabolic, sinister thing since I already did the retrowave neon thing last time.


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Futurecop 1997

This post needs to be viewed listening to THIS !


In the year 1997, as a response to increasing crime and chaos,
the metropolitan police replaced all human personnel with android law enforcers,
equipped with superior strength, surveillance capabilities and unbreakable will.
The police force calls them Cybernetic Response Units or C.R.U.s.
On the Streets they are called…

copperheads vhs

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The Angry Martian

“A well regulated Martian Militia, being necessary to the security of a free Mars, the right of the Martian people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”


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Iceling Shaman

A 60 minute piece of work based on a simple pencil sketch.
The naked guy serves as a mannequin for various equipment and attire concepts.


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Some Cardgame Illustration

Some illustration and layouting work for a private cardgame project
about knights, knights and more knights.


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Randomly equipped Character

Working on Assets for a personal game project involving a lot of random encounters and unfairness.
First step was to put together a randomly equipped character in 4 layers:
The environment base, body, headgear and euqipped items.
Hope this will come along better than 235 other abandonded game projects that got too huge at some point 😛


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Some more doodles


Some doodles/concepts for the 16900th version Frankenstein’s monster.
I couldn’t let go of the droopy eyelids that Karloff came up with himself.
It’s still one of the best monster designs/makeups in movie history.

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