Embrace your laziness!

For years I’ve been really unhappy with my art. I’ve been looking at artworks, both traditional and digital and got angry at myself for my lack of progress and most of all my lack of focus.
I looked at higly complex drawings and paintings and got downright mad at myself for not coming up with the focus to work for hours towards a goal that I definitely have floating around in my mind.
But at some point, I lost focus and I started again.
The problem is that as artist in the entertainment industry I am influenced by ideas creeping into my head based on market logic. Certain artistic styles are predominant and more “wanted”, in the gaming field these are mostly highly complex, detailled, naturalistically rendered works.
So isn’t it logically to train yourself and overcome your “laziness” to deliver that kind of demanded art?
Not exactly. You should use your thinking, your character, your strengths AND your weaknesses to improve your art.
I started pursuing a reduced, exaggerated, non-naturalistic artstyle because it delivers quick results
and doesn’t afford me to painstakingly render every single ring on a chainmail.
My lack of focus and “laziness” made sure of that. But it’s no problem.
Instead of hitting myself for my lack of skills in hyperrealism, I learned to love my strengths in
reducing designs and achieving quick results. And, no surprise, the industry loves quick results.

And there will always be a niche for any art that is made with love. Even on the capitalist market.
Just focus on what you really feel like doing and maybe, just maybe occasionally hit yourself. It’s ok.
Just don’t get lost in self-loathing for not being the next hyperrealist rpg illustration master.
Because there are a couple of them out there doing deliveries. What the world needs more is artists that pursue their own crazy ideas using their own tools in THEIR OWN GOOD TIME and share them with the world.

This is a piece of illustration I did in a really short time because I needed some fun (quick painting results) and which led me to writing this blogpost.


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