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The Innsmouth look


“Some of ’em have queer narrow heads with flat noses and bulgy, starry eyes that never seem to shut, and their skin ain’t quite right.
Rough and scabby, and the sides of the necks are all shriveled or creased up.
Get bald, too, very young.Ā The older fellows look the worst…”





Not entirely faithful to traditional Landsknecht outfits or early 17th century fashion obviously. šŸ˜›

Various sketches in Ink




Some older quick sketches done with black copics at bars and clubs.
Consider bringing some drawing material to those places because
1) its usually pretty boring atĀ places that deliver fun on a professional basis
2) theresĀ an infinite number of models that move too much around for you to spend too much time on one sketch!








I could have posted this as the first post on my new portfolio blog,
but I guess I forgot. Oh, what to say.
It was time to give my portfolio a rework that needs littlest possible maintenance.
So a blog it shall be. I’ll try to keep it art portfolio-ish and informative
about the little games I doĀ in my sparetime.

Whatever, grab a coke, do whatever the fuck you want
and do what I say when I’m telling you people:
Watch more Hammer Horror Films! They’re awesome.


Scifi Troop Concepts


Sketches of some scifi characters including anĀ Astronazi on the ultraright of the picture,

Girl at the bar


This is really ancient. I loved going out with markers to do studies of people.

Deathknight of death.



Tried out messing around with brushes. It was kinda fun,Ā not sure if I’ll get used to the technique though.
But I loved completely fucking up his anatomy to a creepy degree because DEATHKNIGHT.